ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Directed by Shynola.
Produced by Josh Barwick and Svana Gisla
Production company : Aniara

Music video by ABBA performing I Still Have Faith In You . A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB


  1. Viktor Algotsson

    Viktor AlgotssonPřed minutou

    This was the first band/artist I ever fell in love with, and that was when I listened to the More ABBA Gold CD in the car with my mom. I must have been 5 or 6 years old at the time (I'm 16 now). It's amazing how you can just fall in love with a band at such a young age, and continue to have it as your favourite of all time, even when you're older! I didn't know anything about ABBA when I first heard one of their songs, I just listened and loved it from the very first second. Nothing has ever beaten them! Infants sing to their songs long before they can talk. That's why ABBA is the greatest band of all time. Thank you for the music!

  2. Annick Robinet

    Annick RobinetPřed 17 minutami

    On n'attendait que ça. Abba. Tant de souvenirs. Oh merci beaucoup pour 2 chansons qui m'apportent tant de bonheur

  3. René Gabelgaard Lund

    René Gabelgaard LundPřed 34 minutami

    21 mio. views in less than two weeks and more than 30.000 comments 😱 Numbers don't lie 😍👏

  4. DerDrache707071

    DerDrache707071Před 36 minutami

    Not just a band and an important part of my life. Welcome back.

  5. Skyler Borg

    Skyler BorgPřed 20 minutami

    Sooo True!!!

  6. christina færch

    christina færchPřed 38 minutami

    I can´t point 1 song that isn´t great with Abba. I´m from Denmark and got all their albums!! ;-p

  7. Leonard Xiomi

    Leonard XiomiPřed 50 minutami

    I love ABBA ... ELEGENT MUSIC .THANK'S .....

  8. Freezer

    FreezerPřed hodinou

    ABBA FOREVER !!!...

  9. TheTowerBridgeFox

    TheTowerBridgeFoxPřed hodinou

    Sounds Like a Musical I love it!!!!this one is more synphonic

  10. TomR1200R

    TomR1200RPřed hodinou

    Ich liebe einfach ihre Musik ! Die Harmonie in der Gruppe einfach Genial !!

  11. Olawale Richard

    Olawale RichardPřed hodinou

    How come they still looking young? Are these ABBA for real?


    DVJ ART PROJECTPřed hodinou

    amazing voices

  13. Tartan Pion

    Tartan PionPřed hodinou

    Did someone already forget this not so old masterpiece ?

  14. bora ciftci

    bora ciftciPřed hodinou

    ABBA: Ode to Joy to modern centuries

  15. Capa Decit

    Capa DecitPřed 2 hodinami

    So many remember, ABBA are inmortals

  16. nicole Nobody

    nicole NobodyPřed 2 hodinami

    I just love how 40 years later they still have their unique style. And you can hear it in their singing!! Its so beautiful and exciting!!

  17. P K

    P KPřed 2 hodinami

    This is fabulous 🌈

  18. Juvenal Carvalho

    Juvenal CarvalhoPřed 2 hodinami

    ABBA tank you for the music

  19. Juvenal Carvalho

    Juvenal CarvalhoPřed 2 hodinami

    ABBA são como o vinho cada dia que passam ficam ainda melhor ❤🇧🇷

  20. Pascal CAMPION

    Pascal CAMPIONPřed 2 hodinami

    Great! Thank you so much! 🙏🌈❤️

  21. Revolverlady1

    Revolverlady1Před 2 hodinami

    Absolut Pervers! Ich liebe ABBA seid 40 Jahren. Aber nicht so! Musik absolut genial wie immer! Video nicht! Warum zeigen sie sich nicht so wie sie sind?

  22. Margit Toth

    Margit TothPřed 2 hodinami


  23. Василий Пупкин

    Василий ПупкинPřed 2 hodinami

    мы старели вместе с ними.как чертовски приятно и одновременно грустно слышать их.

  24. Foxy Fox

    Foxy FoxPřed 2 hodinami

    Гениальная музгруппа!!!БРАВО!!!!!КАК всегда прекрасное исполнение.

  25. Simona Sovar

    Simona SovarPřed 3 hodinami

    Wow! It's amazing how in the midst of all the worldwide division, hate, finger pointing, listening to this song and reading these comments confirms what units us. We DO have it in us! Thank you, Abba ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Николай К

    Николай КPřed 3 hodinami

    Агнетта ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  27. MarcoCattchum

    MarcoCattchumPřed 3 hodinami

    I never have been so emotional watching a video. Thank you ABBA for all these years making music for us. I will never forget you ABBA even if you are not here with us anymore!

  28. ABBADiego

    ABBADiegoPřed hodinou

    They are very much alive!

  29. ТеХ ОбзоР

    ТеХ ОбзоРPřed 3 hodinami

    You have to be crazy idiots to quit music for 40 years at the peak of fame😆 Now we will be shown a show of elderly senile people in diapers who, with a rotten voice, will rattle bones on stage - where have you been all these 40 years, ABBA !?

  30. Daniel Recker

    Daniel ReckerPřed 3 hodinami


  31. phalla long

    phalla longPřed 3 hodinami


  32. Jörgen Svensson

    Jörgen SvenssonPřed 3 hodinami

    Great 😀

  33. Marina Marina

    Marina MarinaPřed 3 hodinami

    ABBA -вы неподражаемы! Всех вас люблю и благодарю за ваши песни! Вы вселяете оптимизм, особенно в это непростое время. Спасибо, что вернулись!!! Анни-Фрид -красивая женщина ..восхищаюсь вашим голосом..)))

  34. Steve Miller

    Steve MillerPřed 3 hodinami

    I see there are 10k idiots who disliked this, go back to sleep you clowns, ABBA will be around until eternity

  35. craig lamb

    craig lambPřed hodinou

    I'm not an abba fan.. They must of split when I was 2 years old... But I grew up hearing their songs as my mum who died in May was a big fan... Kind of brings a tear to my eyes as I know my mum would of loved this.

  36. Michael Ulfner

    Michael UlfnerPřed hodinou

    Who's Drake ???? Have not heard any new music since 1982🤪

  37. ABBADiego

    ABBADiegoPřed hodinou

    10k Drake fans, I’m thinking 😂

  38. Reginaldo Santana

    Reginaldo SantanaPřed 3 hodinami

    ABBA simplesmente único!

  39. Jennifer Marcelino

    Jennifer MarcelinoPřed 3 hodinami

    I love them so much! Can't wait for the new album!!

  40. Montana GrizzFan

    Montana GrizzFanPřed 4 hodinami

    ABBA, thank you for coming back at this moment in time when so many people desperately need your voices, sounds, and harmony. The world is going insane, and we need your joy, breath of the soul, and sanity to give us something to look forward to.

  41. Hemal Varia

    Hemal VariaPřed 4 hodinami


  42. keith partridge

    keith partridgePřed 4 hodinami

    Welcome back, ABBA. It's been far too long.

  43. Maria Esperanza B.

    Maria Esperanza B.Před 4 hodinami

    Bonito himno con la voz central de Frida.

  44. Marcel Fleuriot

    Marcel FleuriotPřed 4 hodinami

    Thank you so so much for your music and for returning with a great, wonderful reunion. I wish I could see and meet you live. Always great music and memories I had and still have.

  45. Alex VAO

    Alex VAOPřed 4 hodinami

    Those voices... yeah, yet not the same. 40 years cannot be denied, it has the effect. I can hear those decades in tones, but... But still these voices are the voices from my childhood, and the words sung are those words enchanted me even before I started to learn english and take into their meaning. The times when men were men, and women were women, and love was love, and children were children, and parents were parents, - good old times when words meant the things they meant, and we were not to invite these modern goddamn replacements in order to please freaks of all types waiting to blame anybody for plain words that they claim "forbidden". Please, ABBA, I do not hope that you can save us from the mind-twisters of nowdays, but I hope that you shall not obey this quazy-religion with its media-inquisition. You can be our beam of light from old times in the darkness of today. I still have faith in you.

  46. ABBADiego

    ABBADiegoPřed hodinou

    Your response is not the 21st century ABBA we just heard. Go re-educate yourself. Benny is one of the biggest supporters of the feminist movement, Frida supports the environment. Get back into your petrol guzzling car and disappear.

  47. Skyler Borg

    Skyler BorgPřed 3 hodinami

    What a loser clusterf**k of a response.

  48. Jack Aldred Moon

    Jack Aldred MoonPřed 4 hodinami

    Oh, please, just appreciate the music. Don't reveal your ignorant prejudice about a world that's changed and changing.

  49. 에마이

    에마이Před 4 hodinami

    Dancing queen and Let It B will be sung in a thousand years.

  50. Smgs6006

    Smgs6006Před 4 hodinami

    The first time I listened to this song I felt a little lost, but it really grows on you with each time you listen to it. Happy-crying to everyone listening to this song. I love it, and a little more everytime!

  51. Tüneyen Baykuş

    Tüneyen BaykuşPřed 5 hodinami

    Daha iyi bir CGI olmalıydı...

  52. Игорь Клыбик

    Игорь КлыбикPřed 5 hodinami

    Вы вечные супер 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  53. Steve MetalHammer

    Steve MetalHammerPřed 5 hodinami

    One of the most successful bands in the history of the world. As likely as not only equalled by Michael Jackson and only surpassed by The Beatles and Elvis - rightly or wrongly.

  54. uborkászsolt

    uborkászsoltPřed 5 hodinami


  55. Rexford Ruiz

    Rexford RuizPřed 5 hodinami

    Theirs song always had beautiful messages 👏💟💖 ABBA mania again ..yes !!!!!

  56. Peter Falconer

    Peter FalconerPřed 5 hodinami

    so anti-agist its shocking

  57. Skyler Borg

    Skyler BorgPřed 3 hodinami

    I don't care !!! Who wants to look old???. Anyway, the spirit, our spirits will never age.

  58. Steve MetalHammer

    Steve MetalHammerPřed 5 hodinami

    Correct - but its still brilliant, because its still ABBA.

  59. Вадим Белоус

    Вадим БелоусPřed 5 hodinami

    Группа ABBA вернулась ! Это знак - может вернуться много хорошего из того, что было в 70-ых годах ! Все на выборы - голосуем за КПРФ и СР !

  60. Javier Hernando Nuñez

    Javier Hernando NuñezPřed 6 hodinami


  61. SeungHyeon I

    SeungHyeon IPřed 6 hodinami

    I love ABBA! Im 13 yrs old!

  62. Alexis GS

    Alexis GSPřed 6 hodinami

    How is it that we see them young, singing the new song, in the video? There's something I'm not getting

  63. ABBADiego

    ABBADiegoPřed hodinou

    It’s called technology. You know, the thing you’re using right now to write your ridiculous message.

  64. Terry C.

    Terry C.Před 6 hodinami

    The live stage shots at about 3:41 on are the motion censored cgi of them as they were in their 1979.

  65. Арина Ланцева

    Арина ЛанцеваPřed 6 hodinami

    Лучшие из лучших, радуйте нас дальше своим творчеством.

  66. ABC XYZ

    ABC XYZPřed 6 hodinami

    My #1 💗 songs My #1 Nostalgia 😍

  67. Dennis Tschirner | Vocalist

    Dennis Tschirner | VocalistPřed 6 hodinami

    SUMMER NIGHT CITY sung by Dennis Tschirner:

  68. Dennis Tschirner | Vocalist

    Dennis Tschirner | VocalistPřed 7 hodinami

    THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME sung by Dennis Tschirner:

  69. Lotte Petersen

    Lotte PetersenPřed 7 hodinami

    Tack, mina barndoms minnen… äntligen… ❤️❤️❤️

  70. Urby Kanters

    Urby KantersPřed 7 hodinami

    i remember when i was young kids teasing me with the fact i listen ABBA, but they were the first who had a album of ABBA , i only had the singles. Than they have something beautiful to remember, just like me.

  71. Chad Reiss

    Chad ReissPřed 7 hodinami

    My mom loved this group I was able to play this new song to her in her last few hours of life to bring her comfort

  72. craig lamb

    craig lambPřed 55 minutami

    My mum sadly passed in May she was a big ABBA fan she would of loved this

  73. Maria Fiorella Borrini

    Maria Fiorella BorriniPřed 7 hodinami

    ho ancora fiducia in te

  74. Роман Ежков

    Роман ЕжковPřed 7 hodinami

    Не являюсь поклонником этой группы, но музыка прекрасна, сразу чувствуется старая школа и качество. Грандиозно,мурашки по коже. Вот это настоящая и прекрасная музыка.!!! Не то что сейчас всякое говно однодневное поют. SUPER !!!

  75. Иван Иванов

    Иван ИвановPřed 7 hodinami

    All is well that end`s well....

  76. hiro o

    hiro oPřed 7 hodinami


  77. Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex WatchflexPřed 8 hodinami

    Yet another album after Voyage not ruled out either even by Agnetha

  78. Adrián

    AdriánPřed 8 hodinami

    Songs with love, warmth and greatness, it's good for the spirit... thank ABBA for coming back.

  79. Pedro

    PedroPřed 8 hodinami

    Sembra che il tempo non sia mai passato...!! Siete tornati...sempre uguali, splendidi fantastici ABBA ..!! GRAZIEEEE...!

  80. Dyn Jarren

    Dyn JarrenPřed 8 hodinami

    After 39 years, Benny and Bjorn forgot how to write a catchy hit song like they used to do. This song is boring. And I’m not interested in digital Avatars.

  81. Dyn Jarren

    Dyn JarrenPřed 4 hodinami

    @Smgs6006 Oh, and I really like I have a Dream. Brilliant song! Wonderful vocal and melody!

  82. Dyn Jarren

    Dyn JarrenPřed 4 hodinami

    @Smgs6006 You are probably right. Some songs are not meant to be hits but you still like them and that’s good enough for me. I, myself like their hits, the most. Thanks for being fair in your comments.

  83. Smgs6006

    Smgs6006Před 5 hodinami

    @Dyn Jarren, I don't want to be rude as some of the other commenters, I just want to give my grain of salt. Not all of ABBA songs were intended as being pop smash hits. I Still Have Faith In You gives me flavours of: - The Way Old Friends Do - I Wonder (Departure) And in some small ways also of: - I Let The Music Speak - I Have A Dream The first time I heard the song I didn't feel it, but it has really grown on me with each time that I listen to it and it makes me so nostalgic and leaves me feeling fuzzy, and happy-sad :)

  84. Dyn Jarren

    Dyn JarrenPřed 6 hodinami

    @Watchflex Watchflex Nah, but I look forward to the Avatar show where they sing their hits. I can’t go but I wish I could. I hope someone sneaks some footage out and puts it on CSdesk so I can see it.

  85. Dyn Jarren

    Dyn JarrenPřed 6 hodinami

    @45RPMsinglesbyMikeEvans Musical Imbecile? Now that’s not nice to say that. That’s cruel. We both like ABBA so we have something in common, don’t we? We’re in the same club.

  86. Politeness Poppin

    Politeness PoppinPřed 8 hodinami

    Check out GLITTER DOGS. Good old school melodic rock. Also on Spotify. Enjoy!!

  87. L.R.J.

    L.R.J.Před 8 hodinami

    I've got tears streaming down my face, both happy & sad. What a brilliant, amazing musical journey. Welcome back you bloody legends, we've really missed you down under. Thankyou for all the music. - Just another Aussie Bloke.

  88. Ziheng Zhou

    Ziheng ZhouPřed 8 hodinami

    I was in tears when I'm listening to this song. It's been a long time and welcome back!

  89. Viviana Agustoni

    Viviana AgustoniPřed 9 hodinami

    Hard to find the right words to express how deeply moved I feel for listening Abba once again, transformed. As well as we are. Thank you for the music!

  90. Chicken McNugget

    Chicken McNuggetPřed 9 hodinami


  91. Mihail Sviridov

    Mihail SviridovPřed 9 hodinami

    I remember all !!! Hi from USSR !

  92. YK Han

    YK HanPřed 9 hodinami

    Thank you for the music!

  93. Not 4 You 2 know

    Not 4 You 2 knowPřed 9 hodinami

    Is this exactly what we need or what!!!

  94. emmanuel shamabanse

    emmanuel shamabansePřed 9 hodinami

    Even in my after's Abba all the way

  95. Bob Blyth

    Bob BlythPřed 9 hodinami


  96. Greg McKinney

    Greg McKinneyPřed 9 hodinami

    Two weeks later and I’m still drop-jawed at this incredible production. The band have not surrendered the summit of absolute talent and vision. They have proven they truly do Stand Above... because it all comes down to love.

  97. michael l

    michael lPřed 9 hodinami

    Youre are great

  98. michael l

    michael lPřed 9 hodinami

    It is truly an amazing news that they a back , this Music is What i grew up Whith truely i am as Old as they seperated in 1981-82

  99. dailacera

    dailaceraPřed 10 hodinami


  100. Vice Squad

    Vice SquadPřed 10 hodinami

    Sounds like an Andrew Lloyd Webber song 😂

  101. Lisa M

    Lisa MPřed 6 hodinami

    No, it sounds like an ABBA song. But by the way, what's wrong with Andrew Lloyd Webber songs?

  102. Кулько Григорий

    Кулько ГригорийPřed 10 hodinami

    bull shit нельзя дважды войти в одну и туже реку.

  103. Кулько Григорий

    Кулько ГригорийPřed 5 hodinami

    @Юрий Бевзюкхоть и, хоть ы.. Уже "не то пальто"...

  104. Юрий Бевзюк

    Юрий БевзюкPřed 5 hodinami

    И? В реку то аойти по любому можно и фиг с ней что не в ту же!

  105. SxmplyZara

    SxmplyZaraPřed 10 hodinami

    They are ICONS

  106. Indra Zorro

    Indra ZorroPřed 10 hodinami

    Heija ABBA! Jag saknade er, i alla dessa år!

  107. S W

    S WPřed 10 hodinami

    Absolute legends. Yes. Though better they had rested on that status.

  108. Anthony Whiteside

    Anthony WhitesidePřed 10 hodinami

    Seems pointless to me. A great pop band but this just sounds very dated. Not sure why they felt the the need to do it.

  109. Helen Smith

    Helen SmithPřed 4 hodinami

    @Anthony Whiteside Let's see what the album has to offer, this to me is a story prelude to that. saying why ... just the warm-up..... hopefully.

  110. Anthony Whiteside

    Anthony WhitesidePřed 5 hodinami

    @Helen Smith You miss my point Helen. As I said, ABBA were a fantastic pop band but I feel this new release has achieved nothing for their legacy. I am a fan of theirs but this is ABBA lite.

  111. Helen Smith

    Helen SmithPřed 5 hodinami

    Maybe they should have done some gangster rap...... sing about killing and drugs and whores and point their fingers, only no one really sings today 90%, can't play instruments or even know what a scale/chord is, it's not their music that's pointless, it's the utter shit today's so-called music is. As for dated, their album Gold has been in the top 100 albums for over 9 years, so that's a lot of people still loving their music/sound today, there is nothing today that will be in the top 100 more than a few weeks/ months

  112. Nelson Aguilar

    Nelson AguilarPřed 11 hodinami

    Thank you ABBA for come back and give us all of the best from you in middle of these tough times.

  113. Henrik Carlsson

    Henrik CarlssonPřed 11 hodinami

    We have not forgot about her here in sweden

  114. Andrea Oliveri

    Andrea OliveriPřed 11 hodinami


  115. Rust Shoo

    Rust ShooPřed 11 hodinami

    ABBA have done well to summon up one more time their magic from yesteryear. A reminder that they had been household names for all the right reasons. Naturally the band dissolved out of the limelight after they broke up, but they were always on standby. I suppose now is the time when they can make an impact. My only regret is that Abba spoiled their legacy by farming out their songs to the waist-high stage musical industry. Their songs deserved a more serious, bittersweet, vehicle than that nonsense. ABBA had their songs butchered - as if the industry associates of the critics from the 70s who had snootily and sneeringly dismissed ABBA’s music as “catchy” or “bubblegum pop” had finally had their chance to drive home their assessments of the Swedes. The Carpenters would not have allowed that done to their works. The 1994 movie Muriel’s Wedding was a good example, however, of a more meaningful use of ABBA’s songs within a story structure. Anyway, talking of household names, we need to talk about household names again. The term “household name” implies a person who has an effect on a wide range of people and socio-economic groups. ABBA were never into forming cliques. That’s what’s so refreshing about them even now. The best and most talented entertainers always had a wide and far-ranging audience.

  116. Simona B

    Simona BPřed 11 hodinami

    I just cannot like every comment. When the world needed them the most, they came back. It's not for money, how can you improve the quality of the life of these people? ❤❤❤❤

  117. Zoelie Kirigaya

    Zoelie KirigayaPřed 12 hodinami


  118. Willy De Deyne

    Willy De DeynePřed 12 hodinami

    We wanted to say to many artists how good they are at their music ! We can still say to ABBA... thank you for your music !

  119. Marjorie Delsur

    Marjorie DelsurPřed 12 hodinami


  120. David Taylor

    David TaylorPřed 12 hodinami

    ABBA have the magic of making beautiful music and lyrics and glad they are back entertaining us worth waiting 40 years

  121. Debashis Dasgupta

    Debashis DasguptaPřed 12 hodinami

    Welcome back dear ABBA are still the best....

  122. mark david

    mark davidPřed 12 hodinami

    Robot ABBA

  123. Val Lozada

    Val LozadaPřed 12 hodinami

    The very long wait is over ... been a fan when i was still a grader back in 1975 (i was 6 years old then) Welcome back my all time fav band on earth Love ❤ from 🇵🇭