NEW Mercedes Maybach S680: The £200,000, 612hp PINNACLE of Luxury? | 4K

Rory hops aboard the new Maybach S680 to see if it's better than offerings from Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Check out the sumptuous interior, creamy V12 engine and ridiculous gadgets in this in-depth review.

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  1. SMRJT G

    SMRJT GPřed 18 hodinami

    Love ❤️

  2. Adrito B

    Adrito BPřed dnem

    lol in India the S350d is 220,000 pounds.

  3. Daniel S

    Daniel SPřed 3 dny

    It’s funny how you say ”alot like you have in a first class…” like most of us know how it is in first class 😂

  4. QALibrary

    QALibraryPřed 3 dny

    Rory what do you think of the EV version of this car and how many miles do these cars normally do in a year?

  5. BaconKwagga

    BaconKwaggaPřed 6 dny

    trust me, it's quiet. meanwhile i can hear road noise the whole time. rubbish.

  6. Amur Al Amri Bu Fahad

    Amur Al Amri Bu FahadPřed 6 dny

    كثير من المواصفات لم تتحدث عنها

  7. wozzont123

    wozzont123Před 6 dny

    What's the pinnacle of luxury, Rolls Royce? Yes, Rolls Royce, it's Rolls Royce.

  8. a.i. trading

    a.i. tradingPřed 6 dny

    finally looks like bmw 7, way to go

  9. Elijah

    ElijahPřed 8 dny

    That damn grill... that damn grill... all for some tech... God damn that aesthetic.

  10. Ben McDonald

    Ben McDonaldPřed 8 dny

    How can the driver seat move forward to allow the other back seat to recline that’s kinda dumb

  11. Little B

    Little BPřed 9 dny

    There are better choices. Bentley and Rolls Royce.

  12. Tanmay Kulkarni

    Tanmay KulkarniPřed 9 dny

    If Rolls Royce and Bentley are British then Volvo and Polestar are Swedish!!

  13. CptnSlow23

    CptnSlow23Před 10 dny

    Just car that will bring you from point a, to b.

  14. Kavya

    KavyaPřed 10 dny

    I love this car thanks for rivew

  15. James Graebner

    James GraebnerPřed 12 dny

    Christ it’s ugly.

  16. Angel Mwangu

    Angel MwanguPřed 13 dny

    Glad to see you Rory 👋

  17. rolf johansen

    rolf johansenPřed 13 dny

    This man actually fits the car very well ....

  18. Ninja Pants

    Ninja PantsPřed 14 dny

    What about Russian Billionaire Oligarch Rappers?

  19. JIMBO

    JIMBOPřed 14 dny

    Ugly car !

  20. Sakke L.

    Sakke L.Před 14 dny

    how about mercedes eqs vs maybach s680 comparison?

  21. Lu Silk

    Lu SilkPřed 15 dny

    top marks,4WS is old was in japanese cars in 90s,

  22. Martin Wood

    Martin WoodPřed 15 dny

    Looks like a Chinese knock off of a European luxury car

  23. tulpar

    tulparPřed 15 dny

    British rivals?? They are all German cars mate.

  24. Mister Motel

    Mister MotelPřed 16 dny

    So the silver cups are 2x the price of rear wheel steering? that makes no sense

  25. cornelius Thomas

    cornelius ThomasPřed 16 dny

    On a visual status this Maybach looks like any other S Class which makes it NO CLASS …… RR has luxury BUT ALSO has so much PRESENCE …. NO comparison what’s so ever? …. Pull out a table to eat your dinner ?? Is the Chef in the boot ? Utter utter bull shit ?

  26. TheZenguitarguy

    TheZenguitarguyPřed 16 dny

    The host is great, but I am 5 minutes in and still know nothing about the car but a lot about the infotainment and the seats? If I buy a car I am not buying a Playstation? But I guess if you can drop $200 for the car you probably don't care that much about what it is?

  27. Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    Bigtruckseriesreview MotorsportsPřed 16 dny

    “Mercedes! Activate rear passenger ball tickler 👋 “

  28. God

    GodPřed 16 dny

    “Mercedes, initiate cock and ball torture sequence for rear seat passenger”

  29. Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    Bigtruckseriesreview MotorsportsPřed 16 dny

    A EQS Maybach makes more sense

  30. Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt

    Cornelius Dr VanderbiltPřed 17 dny

    I can buy it cash. I shall never buy this soaped up gadget. MB were the epitome in Cars. They lost their lustre when they bought Chrysler and started using its parts. Now hangs the illustrious three pointed star on a lowly budget A series. VW destroyed Bentley and BMW did it to Rolls Royce. Neither is the same nor worth the money. Phaeton and BMW 760 are. Phaeton is a car of cars to be applauded on its own merits. Stupid public does not see when it gets gold.

  31. Boy Charles

    Boy CharlesPřed 17 dny

    That front end is ugly as hell, it looks so cheap with all those grills

  32. Bunny

    BunnyPřed 17 dny

    If you need to ask your driver to close the door by pressing a button when you can close the door yourself by pressing a button because the traditional way of closing a f***ing door is just too much, then we've gone truly mental. And breathe...

  33. Kreuhn Kohrman

    Kreuhn KohrmanPřed 17 dny

    no heliport ?... well....

  34. SithLordmatthew

    SithLordmatthewPřed 17 dny

    Is the Maybach a model name or is it the name of the engine? The german ww2 tanks were powered by maybach engines which would be pretty cool of that company was still making engines.

  35. Age and Orange

    Age and OrangePřed 17 dny

    If people only knew how cheaply those interiors are produced. No matter what trim level.

  36. Bernard McGrail

    Bernard McGrailPřed 11 dny

    Please tell us.

  37. Amen Choudhury

    Amen ChoudhuryPřed 18 dny

    For 200k, I'd rather get a supercar

  38. Skylar

    SkylarPřed 18 dny

    I'll wait in 5 or so years until that car drops down to $20,000.

  39. Lenin

    LeninPřed 18 dny

    2:04 and 8:14 Lovely humour.

  40. eric anunda

    eric anundaPřed 18 dny

    Bever seen him smile this much reviewing a car. I guess it's worth the cash even though it doesn't have street presence compared to the Bentley or Rolls

  41. Only Solutions

    Only SolutionsPřed 19 dny

    Honestly in comparison to others, and what u get.... This is not that expensive

  42. Manoah van der wolf

    Manoah van der wolfPřed 19 dny

    I can only have 1 thing bad to say about this's not gonna depreciate as much as the original Phaeton, so i'm not gonna get the chance to buy this beast in 10 years. imagine if some crazy car manufacturer actually builds all of this with great quality but for Suzuki prices. i mean honestly, i think everybody deserves double glazed windows, automatic doors, etc.

  43. Grafio Sense

    Grafio SensePřed 19 dny

    Opening the door from a push of a button from the Chauffeur is not new. Japanese taxis have this thing since the dawn of time :)

  44. miyahtallulah

    miyahtallulahPřed 19 dny

    Awful. Ugliness personified.

  45. Youou Tuber

    Youou TuberPřed 19 dny

    You still get stuck in traffic..

  46. Jonas Castejon

    Jonas CastejonPřed 19 dny

    It's a tought call. I feel like the Maybach delivers a classic limo experience in sedan format whilst Bentley and RR lean more towards the GT side of things.

  47. Michael Lipman

    Michael LipmanPřed 20 dny

    £200000 for a car and you’ve still got to pay for extras!!! “A rich fool and their money are soon parted!’

  48. Keyboard Dancers

    Keyboard DancersPřed 20 dny

    Utterly pointless.

  49. jishimoari

    jishimoariPřed 20 dny

    Watching this while I own a broken Ford and I just realized it sits at the mechanic for over 6 months (where this thing will be in 10 years for much higher cost service)

  50. Bluegoka

    BluegokaPřed 20 dny

    03:57 The chauffeur has a butler.

  51. Ped Clarke

    Ped ClarkePřed 20 dny

    I got your back, you got Maybach.

  52. M H

    M HPřed 21 dnem

    It’s almost like a first class seat? Sorry but it’s better

  53. It’s Ainsley

    It’s AinsleyPřed 21 dnem

    “My back”

  54. fatboy1993v

    fatboy1993vPřed 21 dnem

    Shouldn’t alpinas be in this category?

  55. Bjoern Altmann

    Bjoern AltmannPřed 21 dnem

    Why do they always have white seats? Poor taste. Also a Richard Mille costs the same. I would get a Lange & Söhne instead though.

  56. J J

    J JPřed 22 dny

    Good to see you man..!!

  57. Lawrence Fearon

    Lawrence FearonPřed 22 dny

    No EV will ever replicate the exquisite autobahn bred dominance at speed of the Twin Turbo V12 Mercedes Maybach. Easily a 200mph car unrestricted, it's already nearly a classic just for the hyper speed luxury experience.

  58. SamRock

    SamRockPřed 22 dny

    Isn't the steering wheel on the wrong side for UK usage? The chauffeur would need to put over half the car into oncoming traffic to see if he/she could pass another vehicle.

  59. Chib Ard

    Chib ArdPřed 22 dny

    Dude can be talking about my 2013 chevy cruze, and make it sound badass.

  60. Luke Rabin

    Luke RabinPřed 22 dny

    So…around £250k…and you get a free mini android pad? Sign me the far cup!

  61. j rex

    j rexPřed 23 dny

    exterior design looks like a Lincoln/Buick

  62. Amjad Al-Bittar

    Amjad Al-BittarPřed 23 dny

    Nice car guide just what I needed .. now can you make a guide on how to become rich ?

  63. Bohdan Trotsenko

    Bohdan TrotsenkoPřed 23 dny

    0:36 "a limousine designed for russian oligarchs" 👍

  64. ufstero polstero

    ufstero polsteroPřed 24 dny

    Standard bench seats is how Mercedes screws you over... Nobody who buys this car will get the bench seats. So the price tag seems like 200K but it's really 250-300K when it becomes an actual ultra-luxury car.

  65. Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan EdwardsPřed 24 dny

    Disturb your driver? lol

  66. Le_Tiebreaker __

    Le_Tiebreaker __Před 24 dny

    Please I'm obssesed with that ending, name ??

  67. djuzla

    djuzlaPřed 24 dny

    2:03 Rich people are more interested in orgies than in Opera

  68. Aaron Adu Frimpong

    Aaron Adu FrimpongPřed 25 dny

    This guy knows how to ran auto show lol

  69. trevor H

    trevor HPřed 25 dny

    this looks like the bentley spur.....

  70. Matt Foldery

    Matt FolderyPřed 25 dny

    I absolutely love this channel! Let me rephrase that, I absolutely love the personality of the presenter of these videos. Thank you for the continuious engagement and entertainment!

  71. DoubleDeckerAnton

    DoubleDeckerAntonPřed 25 dny

    Rory is a great presenter.

  72. Kryojenix

    KryojenixPřed 26 dny

    3:57 "Hey!" ... such a lower-class riff-raff primitive boorish turn of phrase to gain attention

  73. Kryojenix

    KryojenixPřed 26 dny

    1:31 Falsetto: "How cool is that?!" Me, as Chipmunk: "Not really that much."

  74. Sankofa NYC

    Sankofa NYCPřed 26 dny

    My man really loves getting his calves massaged lol

  75. soulfulfool

    soulfulfoolPřed 26 dny

    beautiful beast

  76. Sam Cosgrave

    Sam CosgravePřed 26 dny

    airbags on an airplane?

  77. Jason M

    Jason MPřed 26 dny

    Brooo i remember 6 years ago when I saw your Rolls Royce wraith video! Super happy to still see you killing it!!

  78. catpaul2

    catpaul2Před 26 dny

    The change in music when he took over the wheel! Dope! That really sent the message home on what this car was all about!

  79. Paulthorpe

    PaulthorpePřed 26 dny

    Looks like a $17000 Chinese knock-off of a luxo-barge🥺

  80. aficio698

    aficio698Před 27 dny

    If I was paying £201k for a car I wud want to have something that had not been styled by a child.

  81. Batiatus M

    Batiatus MPřed 28 dny

    Rear wheel steering for £1500 is a bargain.Can they put it in my Honda?😁

  82. Christopher McBean

    Christopher McBeanPřed 28 dny

    Calf massages raise this above a Rolls: What a time to be alive.

  83. MAHDY

    MAHDYPřed 28 dny

    too much vibration on the video, it made me really dizzy, other than that it's just great content

  84. м а т 400

    м а т 400Před 28 dny

    8:30 Chrome on Windows 👍

  85. м а т 400

    м а т 400Před 28 dny

    Russian Aligarhs. Сука ... Как подходит...

  86. GT V8

    GT V8Před 29 dny

    It's a Jaguar with a Mercedes badge!

  87. Eddie Wong

    Eddie WongPřed 29 dny

    If you have your bodyguard sitting up front, you won't be able to use the recliner function and stretch your legs!

  88. LM AO

    LM AOPřed 29 dny

    I’m a bit cheap. I’ll get the entry level maybach

  89. Michael Frilund

    Michael FrilundPřed měsícem

    Vibrations and plasticy feeling from the standard S?

  90. M.E

    M.EPřed měsícem

    I guess that 1K pounds extra is for delivery costs.

  91. usman rai

    usman raiPřed měsícem

    no matter how good it is , its still s class at the end of the day, it cant never rival bentley and rolls royce

  92. Baranoeda

    BaranoedaPřed měsícem

    Excellent and entertaining review of this car (that I can only dream about :) )

  93. Jack

    JackPřed měsícem

    much louder than my rr

  94. Giorgio

    GiorgioPřed měsícem

    take me to the opera, there’s where rich people go innit 😂

  95. eot lati

    eot latiPřed měsícem

    Does inclusion of ' russia oligarch ' comment makes the video attractive? Mr auto trader, stay away from politic you just a car trader.

  96. nikhil kunder

    nikhil kunderPřed měsícem

    Pls do a review of GLS 600 MAYBACH. SUV that’s almost sold out on first delivery in India

  97. Nick Fox

    Nick FoxPřed měsícem

    I could live In one of these

  98. SC OTS

    SC OTSPřed měsícem

    Im glad i have stumbled upon this channel

  99. John Martin

    John MartinPřed měsícem

    BMW 7 series is best luxury cars

  100. mrkingofhaha

    mrkingofhahaPřed měsícem

    him: lets put on the headphones **CRACK!!** also him: can't hear a thing, now let's hide the evidence and move on ASAP!

  101. Chinwe Opara

    Chinwe OparaPřed měsícem

    A naija man with good sense as this car is amazing an the best as Rory says if is.

  102. Drago 28

    Drago 28Před měsícem

    the bottom grills look so ugly and makes the car look cheap n plasticky, just ruins the whole look of the car ewww :(