Dream - Mask (Official Music Video)

Dream - Mask (Official Animated Music Video)
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Animation Produced By:
Phyre Productions - @Phyre Productions

Xoriak - @Xoriak

2D Artists:
Alex Ulrick
Phyre Productions

Layout Artists:
Phyre Productions
Walking Yat


Alex Ulrick
Kyran Talboys
Tommaso Maurutto
Walking Yat

Brady J. Harty

VFX Artists:

Lighting Artists:

Post Production:

Music Produced by:
Twitter: @perishbeats
Instagram: @perishbeats

Twitter: @prodbanrisk
Instagram: @banrisk


I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time
stare at the ceiling while I hold back whats on my mind
and when they ask me how I'm doin' I say I'm just fine
and when they ask me how I'm doin' I say I'm just

But the fact is, I can never get off of my mattress
and all that they can ask is, why are you so sad kid, why are you so sad kid
that's what the mask is, that's what the point of the mask is

so you can see I'm trying, you won't see me crying, ill just keep on smiling, im good
and it just keeps on piling, its so terrifying, but I keep on smiling, I'm good

I've been caring too much for so long, been comparing myself for so long
I've been wearing a smile for so long its real, so long its real, so long its real

always being judged by a bunch of strange faces
scared to go outside haven't seen the light in ages
but I've been places, so I'm okay-ish, so I'm okay-ish, yeah I'm okay b----

But the fact is, I need help I'm failing all my classes
They think that I need glasses, I just really wish that I could pass this, wish that I could pass this
that's what the mask is, that's what the point of the mask is

so you can see I'm trying, you won't see me crying, ill just keep on smiling, im good
and it just keeps on piling, its so terrifying, but I keep on smiling, I'm good

I've been caring too much for so long, been comparing myself for so long
I've been wearing a smile for so long its real, so long its real, so long its real

This is a lyrics video for the Dream song "Mask".


  1. Zane Wright

    Zane WrightPřed 39 vteřinami

    hey dream is the mask for sale?

  2. MURDERBOT 1000

    MURDERBOT 1000Před 3 minutami

    Dream fans: omg ill throw out the medications to *1 min later* why is my grandma asleep so early

  3. WolfLink450

    WolfLink450Před 3 minutami

    This is what a modern day deprivation chamber is

  4. FlameWheel8223 Gaming

    FlameWheel8223 GamingPřed 3 minutami

    Who else likes the beat drop or is it just me???

  5. Sleepy

    SleepyPřed 4 minutami

    "Normal pills"

  6. Andrey “ItsBlonk” Polyakov

    Andrey “ItsBlonk” PolyakovPřed 5 minutami

    [ego intesifies]

  7. Benedek Nagy

    Benedek NagyPřed 6 minutami

    Just why

  8. Elizabeth Sunderland

    Elizabeth SunderlandPřed 6 minutami


  9. Elizabeth Sunderland

    Elizabeth SunderlandPřed 7 minutami


  10. Lao Tzu

    Lao TzuPřed 8 minutami

    This hurts my brain

  11. magsmccat

    magsmccatPřed 8 minutami

    i mean the eyes doctor isn’t wrong

  12. sponkk s

    sponkk sPřed 9 minutami

    did u make this because u suck at speed run

  13. Univen

    UnivenPřed 9 minutami


  14. Nups0

    Nups0Před 9 minutami

    que merda foi essa?

  15. mr.couchpotato

    mr.couchpotatoPřed 9 minutami

    whos dream

  16. swaggstix

    swaggstixPřed 12 minutami

    imagine if they played this over a walmart or like a restaurant or something

  17. Dr Jakett

    Dr JakettPřed 8 minutami

    Mas suside

  18. HyperBizzare

    HyperBizzarePřed 15 minutami

    The lyrics is literally just an average depression story


    LIL CHINOPřed 17 minutami

    So long Israel, so long israel

  20. Ryan Grant

    Ryan GrantPřed 19 minutami

    This makes me nauseous

  21. Moon Idk

    Moon IdkPřed 19 minutami


  22. Starlight wonderz

    Starlight wonderzPřed 20 minutami

    besties... we have to admit.... cocomelon does better animation then this, which is sad.

  23. No.

    No.Před 21 minutou


  24. Black Guy

    Black GuyPřed 22 minutami


  25. Siphosethu “Gacha_Sipho” Buthelezi

    Siphosethu “Gacha_Sipho” ButheleziPřed 23 minutami

    Ok I gusse I'm the only one crying

  26. Dr Jakett

    Dr JakettPřed 7 minutami


  27. Banana was taken

    Banana was takenPřed 24 minutami

    The fact that it only has 8 million views is depressing

  28. Flesh Boss

    Flesh BossPřed 6 minutami

    The fact that it has 8 million views is depressing

  29. Tide_Turner

    Tide_TurnerPřed 26 minutami

    This reminds of a certain Jamming Whey

  30. Tide_Turner

    Tide_TurnerPřed 25 minutami


  31. Slivki Walle

    Slivki WallePřed 26 minutami


  32. PandaLizzyMods

    PandaLizzyModsPřed 15 minutami

    social reject

  33. Certainly a Super Villain

    Certainly a Super VillainPřed 28 minutami

    Yes dream great message, dont take your meds if you have adhd, it only holds you back, I almost got kicked from school because of not taking meds

  34. Certainly a Super Villain

    Certainly a Super VillainPřed 17 minutami

    @Anakin Lanz clearly because you stopped taking your meds you can spell wonderfully now

  35. Certainly a Super Villain

    Certainly a Super VillainPřed 21 minutou

    @Anakin Lanz wow good for you I sure you got good grades

  36. CoolKid {GD}

    CoolKid {GD}Před 29 minutami

    It’s kind of impressive how much gel that guy must have in his hair for it to not move in the whole video.

  37. TheBigBeaver

    TheBigBeaverPřed 31 minutou

    he said a naughty word 0/10

  38. 1d3a M4n

    1d3a M4nPřed 32 minutami

    He looks like the kid from the movie trolland

  39. M. de Oliveira

    M. de OliveiraPřed 32 minutami

    reminder kids not every song you make needs to be publicly released. sit on it for a while and practice some more songwriting. otherwise...

  40. Blade

    BladePřed 33 minutami

    Kinda gay

  41. Dr Jakett

    Dr JakettPřed 6 minutami


  42. Nia The Elf

    Nia The ElfPřed 33 minutami

    Why's mathematics "mathmatics" lol

  43. Colton Michael

    Colton MichaelPřed 37 minutami

    Thats what the point of the mask is huh.... I never knew and I understand how you feel it happens to me to.

  44. TripBeats

    TripBeatsPřed 38 minutami

    I have never wanted to commit mass genocide in my life as much as i do now

  45. Colton Wilson

    Colton WilsonPřed 29 minutami

    Mass genocide redundant

  46. FOGGGY

    FOGGGYPřed 38 minutami

    Why are u so sad kid

  47. Misha Jamneck

    Misha JamneckPřed 39 minutami

    Mental breakdown check

  48. SterlingLich

    SterlingLichPřed 40 minutami

    I really don't want to invalidate the work of all the artists that worked on the animation, but I can't hold it in, it's just too goddamn ugly. The artstyle is subjective, there are obviously people who like it, me not being one of those people, but there are other technical issues such as bad lighting, bad textures, and models straight up clipping into each other. It just feels like it's been done by a group of amateurs, which is absolutely ok if Dream just wanted to give starting artist that little boost. Honestly a lot of mixed feelings on this one

  49. alastor.mp4

    alastor.mp4Před 41 minutou

    the gay parody is better than this omg i'm deceased 💀💀

  50. 𝕳𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗💞

    𝕳𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗💞Před 42 minutami

    Idk what that means

  51. 𝕳𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗💞

    𝕳𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗💞Před 42 minutami

    Yes i too have been karen

  52. 𝕳𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗💞

    𝕳𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗💞Před 42 minutami

    1:04 ive been karen moment

  53. eggman672 cool

    eggman672 coolPřed 44 minutami

    you just showed that you never had touched grass

  54. LC- snipez

    LC- snipezPřed 46 minutami

    dreams first sub must feel like king

  55. Sam Nicholls

    Sam NichollsPřed 46 minutami

    good bet good jod

  56. Extra Hyper

    Extra HyperPřed 46 minutami

    Anybody realize that this sounds like Danny Gonzales the like 27 year old commentary CSdesk

  57. DoggoBehindTheSlaughter

    DoggoBehindTheSlaughterPřed 47 minutami

    Dreqm my faorite yter sayed b word I am cry

  58. Edward gaming

    Edward gamingPřed 47 minutami

    His mask sometimes just.. clips onto his hand. That's how you know had the animation is broken and unfinished.

  59. Dave Macro

    Dave MacroPřed 48 minutami

    This is shockingly bad

  60. DwaynTheBlock

    DwaynTheBlockPřed 50 minutami


  61. Alex Lewin

    Alex LewinPřed 52 minutami


  62. Stonksy

    StonksyPřed 52 minutami

    cocomelon is that you?

  63. jichuurose

    jichuurosePřed 53 minutami

    4 pixels animation

  64. DavidGames

    DavidGamesPřed 53 minutami

    If you like this song, you clearly need to get tasted for corona, because you have no taste.

  65. Nezuko 🤍

    Nezuko 🤍Před 53 minutami

    I’ve been karen”

  66. Just some guy with half a Mustache

    Just some guy with half a MustachePřed 54 minutami

    The new ben10 reboot looks a bit weird

  67. Nicu Strimbopol

    Nicu StrimbopolPřed 54 minutami

    Dont do it dream Dont drink the normal pills

  68. Matthew Chambers

    Matthew ChambersPřed 56 minutami

    I don’t think that was weed Ben 10 smoked...

  69. Nicholas Gaming

    Nicholas GamingPřed 57 minutami

    He looks amazing

  70. How did you do in P.E today?

    How did you do in P.E today?Před 57 minutami

    At 1:23 his thumb starts clipping through his backpack. He isn’t normal.

  71. Egg Man

    Egg ManPřed 58 minutami

    Dream be lookin like a cocomelon character

  72. xxFOX DEERxx

    xxFOX DEERxxPřed hodinou

    Dream is a good singer

  73. Flesh Boss

    Flesh BossPřed 2 minutami

    @Geriato yep, just like his merch

  74. Geriato

    GeriatoPřed 46 minutami

    His skills are mediocre at best. This is just another way of him cashing in on his fam bcuz his fans will eat up anything

  75. guy

    guyPřed hodinou

    dream looks like portal 1 chell

  76. Hákutt

    HákuttPřed hodinou

    Oh ok

  77. Hákutt

    HákuttPřed 58 minutami


  78. Cometsune (ON BREAK)

    Cometsune (ON BREAK)Před hodinou


  79. 〖WillowFeather〗

    〖WillowFeather〗Před hodinou

    Well said

  80. •Macaw•

    •Macaw•Před hodinou


  81. Lil Cumstain

    Lil CumstainPřed hodinou

    This song gives me school threat vibes

  82. Comrade

    ComradePřed hodinou

    good song but the animation is terrifying.

  83. Flesh Boss

    Flesh BossPřed 2 minutami

    @general flopper dream stan incoming

  84. general flopper

    general flopperPřed 23 minutami

    Can yall show me how you sing then?

  85. ‏‏‎ ‎

    ‏‏‎ ‎Před 49 minutami

    bad song

  86. Lucy

    LucyPřed 49 minutami

    pls the song isn't even good 😭✌️

  87. Lil'Fox The Hylian

    Lil'Fox The HylianPřed hodinou

    Why is this so relatable

  88. Just Me

    Just MePřed hodinou

    I'm 14 and this is deep.

  89. Pusheen Lover

    Pusheen LoverPřed 15 minutami

    STOP 😭

  90. Borbély Boglárka

    Borbély BoglárkaPřed hodinou

    This is so good. I like this song, i love it😊

  91. general flopper

    general flopperPřed 23 minutami

    @AlexIsACarrot 10 no one cares about your existence

  92. AlexIsACarrot 10

    AlexIsACarrot 10Před hodinou

    No one cares

  93. L̸e̸s̸s̸i̸i̸x̸

    L̸e̸s̸s̸i̸i̸x̸Před hodinou

    I’m sowwwy dream )):

  94. TuffleGirl UwU

    TuffleGirl UwUPřed hodinou

    Everyone hating but I think this song is good i think the visuals could use a tiny more touch up but overall great

  95. L̸e̸s̸s̸i̸i̸x̸

    L̸e̸s̸s̸i̸i̸x̸Před hodinou

    Lol yes

  96. How did you do in P.E today?

    How did you do in P.E today?Před hodinou

    I’m wanted for tax evasion in several countries

  97. Flesh Boss

    Flesh BossPřed minutou

    is tax evasion haram?

  98. vIclamp -

    vIclamp -Před hodinou

    Yeah we know you can’t get off your mattress 😂

  99. How did you do in P.E today?

    How did you do in P.E today?Před hodinou

    I once got my shoe stuck on a roof

  100. agirlshootyou_msp

    agirlshootyou_mspPřed hodinou


  101. BlueSorcerer

    BlueSorcererPřed hodinou

    The first song was very inoffensive. This one is n-word levels of offensive..

  102. Moneybrainz99

    Moneybrainz99Před hodinou

    this man is a dissapointment to humanity

  103. The Ceo Of Complete Global Saturation

    The Ceo Of Complete Global SaturationPřed hodinou

    We were too tough with Justin Bieber and Rebbeca Black. We didn't know what was to come...

  104. Flesh Boss

    Flesh BossPřed 22 vteřinami

    @STREAM DYNAMITE & WAY none cares bot

  105. SpookE Cat

    SpookE CatPřed 20 minutami

    Or not tough enough


    STREAM DYNAMITE & WAYPřed 20 minutami

    *DREAM* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 30k Likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE OU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS!.

  107. I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    I have to wait 90 days to change my namePřed hodinou

    Dream is the type of dude who think that Mexico is yellow because he watched Breaking Bad

  108. Geriato

    GeriatoPřed 40 minutami

    He definitely didnt watch breaking bad or else he would be reselling his normal pills for a profit to the cartel

  109. Thomas Pinder

    Thomas PinderPřed hodinou

    All the stans

  110. KingMeercraft19

    KingMeercraft19Před hodinou

    i admit, the animation is the worst thing i’ve seen in about 6 years, but this is the most relatable song i’ve ever heard

  111. Zenmations

    ZenmationsPřed hodinou

    Very Cool :D

  112. Master Kenobi

    Master KenobiPřed hodinou

    Me singing at music class when I’m not paying attention: 0:12

  113. mooca

    moocaPřed hodinou

    this is the male version of girls that make their “depression” their personality

  114. • shadowz •

    • shadowz •Před hodinou

    Plz the thumbnail looks so real

  115. Hypnowave

    HypnowavePřed hodinou

    But the fact is, I didn’t use protection

  116. guy

    guyPřed 58 minutami

    you are definitely dream's dad.

  117. Gimgam Sprongle

    Gimgam SpronglePřed hodinou

    the normal pills thing looks straight out of one of those weird depressed bart simpson images

  118. exclusive_red14 pp

    exclusive_red14 ppPřed hodinou

    0:45 there is a frame where the mask is missing

  119. Alina Ramos

    Alina RamosPřed hodinou

    Oh hell naw 🙁

  120. corgi

    corgiPřed hodinou

    why he look like he traumatized?

  121. Apristy

    ApristyPřed hodinou

    Aren’t u fatter

  122. xgothvibes

    xgothvibesPřed hodinou

    Well maybe because you are


    SKILLED SAMPřed hodinou

    I never wanted to cut my own ears off so badly after this abomination

  124. Koeolorcc

    KoeolorccPřed hodinou

    popular opinion i agree

  125. Team Vengeance

    Team VengeancePřed hodinou


  126. Baloch Gamer

    Baloch GamerPřed hodinou

    Dream is acutally Ben 10

  127. IgnitedBread

    IgnitedBreadPřed 56 minutami


  128. Z2SV

    Z2SVPřed hodinou

    @IgnitedBread ignited bread from criminality?!

  129. IgnitedBread

    IgnitedBreadPřed hodinou


  130. Bruhman the Sith

    Bruhman the SithPřed hodinou

    The only reason he needs glasses is because he doesn't have holes in the mask and he stares at the dark the entire day.