15-year-old Los Angeles songstress Billie Eilish resembles something of a fairy tale heroine-albeit with a wicked sense of humor, and inimitable fashion sense filtered through a kaleidoscope of hip-hop, grunge, and glam tendencies ready to practically levitate above any runway. It’s this kind of je nais sais quoi that fueled the meteoric rise of her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” Produced by big brother Finneas O’Connell, the siblings uploaded the track to SoundCloud and it became a veritable phenomenon, with the song hitting #1 on the Spotify U.S. Viral chart and #3 on the Global Viral chart. In between signing to Darkroom/Interscope in 2016, Vogue decried her as “Pop’s Next It Girl,” and she has since received praise from the likes of Charli XCX and Tove Lo, plus support from Teen Vogue, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Billboard, V, W, Zane Lowe of Beats1, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and many more.

Billie Eilish - No Time To Die
Billie Eilish - my future

Billie Eilish - my future

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Billie Eilish - xanny
  1. Cléia Trivelatto Iqueda

    Cléia Trivelatto IquedaPřed 21 hodinou

    Namora um racista,você tem que ser cancelada!! Você usa do movimento LGBTQI+ pra ganhar fama em cima. Você é hétera,mas na música diz que é lésbica ou bi. Confiava em você,credo.

  2. ESRA

    ESRAPřed 21 hodinou

    I miss Billie eilish with green hairs

  3. Abdullah Haider

    Abdullah HaiderPřed 21 hodinou

    Why Billy why ????


    GÜLAY MUSLUPřed 21 hodinou

    where is old billie eilish

  5. Nisa Yılmaz

    Nisa YılmazPřed 21 hodinou

    Türkler daha buraya uğramamış ÖŞSMSĞGŞ


    VLOG & GAMING ADHWAPřed 21 hodinou

    Who watching this in 2021 you are legend Can you give me like pls

  7. 𝚁𝚘𝚜é𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚓𝚒

    𝚁𝚘𝚜é𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚓𝚒Před 21 hodinou

    Billie'yi çok seviyodum. Büyük hayranıydım ama artık Billie diye birisini tanımıyorum.

  8. valeria Santoro

    valeria SantoroPřed 21 hodinou

    are you mentally stable or do you know this song’s lyrics by heart? ps I love you, don’t give up 💗

  9. booby scoo too

    booby scoo tooPřed 21 hodinou

    This is a jam. Just stop thinking and fucking listen.

  10. AKR musicz

    AKR musiczPřed 21 hodinou

    The Gem 💎

  11. የሙዚቃ ተራ yemuzika tera

    የሙዚቃ ተራ yemuzika teraPřed 21 hodinou


    DURU NAZ DEMİRPřed 21 hodinou

    Nerdesin billie?biz yeşil saçlı billieyi istiyoruz

  13. Kouhei /HYPE MODE

    Kouhei /HYPE MODEPřed 21 hodinou


  14. NJ H

    NJ HPřed 21 hodinou

    some say covid is a curse because we can't do anything or go out others say its a blessing because there's a millions things we didn't have time to do and yet here we are so is your cup half full or empty.... let that dig in

  15. Richard Draven Mordecai Ederli

    Richard Draven Mordecai EderliPřed 21 hodinou

    beliche, cê tá grávida?

  16. Tim Whitley

    Tim WhitleyPřed 21 hodinou

    Man. Idk. It’s cringe asf to me. I miss her old music. This one was okay. But the visuals were just cringe. Doesn’t seem herself. Hollywood finally getting to her or what?

  17. Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia

    Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of OutlandiaPřed 21 hodinou

    Yo Billie, All Lives Matter! Now you can loose your mind like you said you would if you heard someone say it lol

  18. ✨

    Před 21 hodinou


  19. سعد المدريدي

    سعد المدريديPřed 21 hodinou

    وين العرب❤

  20. Mr Meme

    Mr MemePřed 21 hodinou

    we all know why were here.


    KOOWNM YOPřed 21 hodinou

    i liked the old billie

  22. Aleksandra

    AleksandraPřed 21 hodinou


  23. 4nd3rsOn Souza

    4nd3rsOn SouzaPřed 21 hodinou

    Esse vídeo mostra a queda de Lúcifer. Ele cai na terra, humilhado, trazendo à terra o fogo da dor e da morte. Ele mesmo perde sua beleza e sua força, e fraco e humilhado caminha para lugar nenhum, porque não tem mais descanso nem paz.

  24. Kpop Loverss

    Kpop LoverssPřed 21 hodinou

    💔 artık seni eskisi gibi sevemeyeceğim

  25. ozana ozzy

    ozana ozzyPřed 21 hodinou

    Great voice and girl

  26. Alexa Paquidan

    Alexa PaquidanPřed 21 hodinou

    i like this song even if its my first time watching it U-U

  27. aguy

    aguyPřed 21 hodinou


  28. Fellemannen Knows your location

    Fellemannen Knows your locationPřed 21 hodinou

    How can the most likes comment on youtube just disapear like that

  29. Crisanto Ramos

    Crisanto RamosPřed 21 hodinou

    Bruh what happened to his eyes

  30. Ay Işığı pandası 🐼✨💙🌙❄️✴️

    Ay Işığı pandası 🐼✨💙🌙❄️✴️Před 21 hodinou

    Nasıl bu hale girdin aga bee bence bu Billie deyil

  31. Her Video Burada 🎥

    Her Video Burada 🎥Před 21 hodinou

    Eğer saçımı yeşilden başka bir renge boyatırsam o ben değilim (Billie Elish). Ama. Yaptı 😔

  32. gothic kitty

    gothic kittyPřed 21 hodinou

    we still mad

  33. Maryam Emad

    Maryam EmadPřed 21 hodinou

    So you lesbian

  34. Kpop Loverss

    Kpop LoverssPřed 21 hodinou

    Billie'i ben böyle bilmiyordum:/

  35. Tuana Tuana

    Tuana TuanaPřed 21 hodinou

    I miss old billie

  36. Tuana Tuana

    Tuana TuanaPřed 21 hodinou

    I miss old billie☹

  37. KA 9

    KA 9Před 21 hodinou

    صايرة فيسد

  38. Rosângela Monteiro

    Rosângela MonteiroPřed 21 hodinou

  39. Beren Çakar

    Beren ÇakarPřed 22 hodinami

    Eski bili yok artık😓😓

  40. TUANA Özer

    TUANA ÖzerPřed 22 hodinami

    She is not bille :(

  41. Dio Brando

    Dio BrandoPřed 22 hodinami

    Confident?? Never, shes about to shut slammed

  42. park mouna

    park mounaPřed 22 hodinami

    مين عرب هون؟ 🤡💚

  43. Zwe Mann Myat Thu Winn

    Zwe Mann Myat Thu WinnPřed 22 hodinami

  44. Natalija PRO MAX

    Natalija PRO MAXPřed 22 hodinami

    I ❤️ you you my life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  45. Rosângela Monteiro

    Rosângela MonteiroPřed 22 hodinami

  46. Habibe Akdeniz🌼🌊

    Habibe Akdeniz🌼🌊Před 22 hodinami

    Ya ne olmuş ifşasını @$€ böyle falan yaparak söyleyin ifşası ne?

  47. no one

    no onePřed 22 hodinami

    She just a good look.. I cant hear a voice

  48. Hack Gg

    Hack GgPřed 22 hodinami

    Hhhhhh just 400k comment😗

  49. jichuurose

    jichuurosePřed 22 hodinami

    What happend to our old billie:(

  50. Василий Хмель

    Василий ХмельPřed 22 hodinami


  51. Y•O•U•S•R•A

    Y•O•U•S•R•APřed 22 hodinami

    *Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm looking for the bald guy. So are you.*

  52. Billieeilish🥑🥑أفوكادوز

    Billieeilish🥑🥑أفوكادوزPřed 22 hodinami

    اهخخ ياليتني معكم 😭🏃🏻‍♀️


    OK-JACKEEPřed 22 hodinami


  54. The Kings

    The KingsPřed 22 hodinami

  55. The Kings

    The KingsPřed 22 hodinami

  56. The Kings

    The KingsPřed 22 hodinami

  57. The Kings

    The KingsPřed 22 hodinami

  58. lonelyvibes

    lonelyvibesPřed 22 hodinami

    pov: ur looking for the bald guy

  59. MB F1NN

    MB F1NNPřed 22 hodinami

    Pov you came from jacksucksatlife's video

  60. عمار جلال

    عمار جلالPřed 22 hodinami

    beLy iLoVe you Soooo Much

  61. Robinhood Competitive Classes

    Robinhood Competitive ClassesPřed 22 hodinami


  62. Nagisa Shiota

    Nagisa ShiotaPřed 22 hodinami

    This is so sick they don’t even hide anymore, people liking this is so sick, I still love this song and others Billie’s song but the meaning of this song is so cruel and Billie is not better I’m glad that people don’t really like her anymore she’s a terrible person

  63. def xsdf

    def xsdfPřed 22 hodinami

    you the best

  64. Armen050189

    Armen050189Před 22 hodinami


  65. Aroja Begum

    Aroja BegumPřed 22 hodinami

    Billie Ilish have enough power and emotions in her voice to make a onion cry.

  66. Duru & Buse

    Duru & BusePřed 22 hodinami

    Billie, you've changed so much, I don't know you anymore.Billie, blonde hair doesn't suit you at all, why did you dye your hair blonde, you're so ugly with blond hair, I think it's time you went back to the way you were.

  67. Armen050189

    Armen050189Před 22 hodinami


  68. Diki Wisdom

    Diki WisdomPřed 22 hodinami

    Always beautiful. More more confident.

  69. Chanberry

    ChanberryPřed 22 hodinami

    Billie why?

  70. tania laine

    tania lainePřed 22 hodinami

    Don’t cry when i see this song i every time make me cry and give me a peace

  71. Carlos Aragão

    Carlos AragãoPřed 22 hodinami

    Em pleno 2021 sofrendo com essa música… 🥺♥️🛣 Helcome

  72. yuyu yukkuri

    yuyu yukkuriPřed 22 hodinami

    we need billie and nicki collabration🙂

  73. Fidan İskenderova

    Fidan İskenderovaPřed 22 hodinami

    Sen kimsin?

  74. Diki Wisdom

    Diki WisdomPřed 22 hodinami

    I love u and songs.😎😎 You areAmazing ❤❤❤🖤🖤

  75. Sveva Serafini

    Sveva SerafiniPřed 22 hodinami

    Omg I love girls

  76. tania laine

    tania lainePřed 22 hodinami

    My name is Tania laine

  77. tania laine

    tania lainePřed 22 hodinami

    What a peace full song billie

  78. Nazlı Kazımova

    Nazlı KazımovaPřed 22 hodinami