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  1. EthanHatesApples

    EthanHatesApplesPřed 22 hodinami

    He never came back to this.

  2. Cobra Strike76

    Cobra Strike76Před 22 hodinami

    I swear, even the sponsors are funny, Idfk how he did that

  3. Embargo Venom

    Embargo VenomPřed 22 hodinami

    Come on, Jon, beginners mistake. You forgot the apples! That's why the juice killed you.

  4. Punchosaurus

    PunchosaurusPřed 22 hodinami

    8:25 Willem Dafoe "I believe the work you're looking for is symbolism"

  5. Ketsa Official

    Ketsa OfficialPřed 22 hodinami

    It was an interesting experiment until they arbitrarily split them into teams.

  6. The Shroom

    The ShroomPřed 23 hodinami

    10:32 first I thought this thing is useless but then I wanted to turn it into a adult-fun-time toy.

  7. Robert Clark

    Robert ClarkPřed 23 hodinami

    I'm def gonna need a rundown of Hobo With a Shotgun

  8. Philly Duo

    Philly DuoPřed 23 hodinami

    Steven Seagal is a legend. Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself.

  9. keru storme

    keru stormePřed 23 hodinami

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  10. keru storme

    keru stormePřed 23 hodinami

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  11. Jake Tinsley

    Jake TinsleyPřed 23 hodinami

    Sometimes when I'm at work and I see massive shadows cross the ground from above me, and I look up and see nothing up in the sky, I'm forced to reevaluate my belief in Dragons.

  12. David Vinas

    David VinasPřed 23 hodinami

    Stop it get some help that's the meme

  13. JacOfTheBurbs

    JacOfTheBurbsPřed 23 hodinami

    The Skyrim reference slayed me 🤣🤣👏🏻

  14. Jacob Awsum

    Jacob AwsumPřed 23 hodinami

    Jontron has a cat now?

  15. Carson Paul Lee

    Carson Paul LeePřed 23 hodinami

    13:28 JON NO!

  16. CommanderTaco

    CommanderTacoPřed 23 hodinami

    At least he's getting people to eat veggies

  17. Austin James

    Austin JamesPřed 23 hodinami

    I have some ideas on other movies to make: The Myth of the Slave Trade The Legends of the Crusades The Mystical Story of Hiroshima; Followed the the sequel 'The Myth of Nagasaki' and the prequel 'Pearl Harbor: The Legend Goes On'.

  18. Snake

    SnakePřed 23 hodinami

    Is that fuckin maple story music at the end?

  19. Ashish

    AshishPřed 23 hodinami

    23:46 damnit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. MN_Twisted

    MN_TwistedPřed 23 hodinami

    Not gonna lie that natural ice Christmas sweater is something I would wear

  21. Jose Baez

    Jose BaezPřed dnem

    Just found your channel today. Absolutely hilarious 😂👍🏽👏

  22. Robust Nut

    Robust NutPřed dnem

    this video convinced me to drink juice more often

  23. Monster King Calamity999

    Monster King Calamity999Před dnem

    This video definitely made me legit laugh several times but I’m just really bugged by the Raid shit that’s spreading. Like all of The Internet agreed it’s complete garbage...Yet it’s still getting bigger wtf Also why’s Jon shocked that juice is good for you??? 😂 It’s not really THAT supernatural or outlandish to believe one dude could be cancer cured via juice lol Peoples bodies work differently and it’s not like he claimed drinking ten Coke a Cola, three sips of a Red Bull, and one lawn mushroom gave him the power to cure cancer in any child lol

  24. Monster King Calamity999

    Monster King Calamity999Před dnem

    The raid shadow legends thing isn’t even funny anymore :/ Like it’s just become super obnoxious and pandering I guess idk Like even the meme/joke that it’s super obvious he’s gonna say it and acts like it’s a surprise seems really half hearted in this and like shouldn’t someone as respected and successful as Jon be able to switch up who the videos sponsor is? Like there’s tons of OTHER annoying mobile games with VERY vocal ads lol It just feels like the meme/joke isn’t even a joke anymore. It’s like legit, Jon sold himself out to Raid Shadow Wallet Loosener Legends completely 🤣 And it’s like lost it’s gag appeal idk... It might not bother that many people very much but it’s just such an off putting start in my opinion :c

  25. Young In

    Young InPřed dnem

    City kid = black kid

  26. MC Dexpo

    MC DexpoPřed dnem

    The source of the Jaunt Ron: Toot CSdesk Poop by Dathings1

  27. Fangy

    FangyPřed dnem

    Please someone introduce that first lady to a dancer's belt.

  28. Madara L Uchiha

    Madara L UchihaPřed dnem

    Is it sad that I enjoyed this game as a kid

  29. Tristan Desoto

    Tristan DesotoPřed dnem

    the danger zone is a very common used term for the food industry, its the range of temps that bacteria grows.

  30. Dman20111

    Dman20111Před dnem

    Honestly we already bought headphones for dad so he doesn't need to announce to the whole neighbourhood what he's watching. The speaker's only a scam in quality

  31. Catlover

    CatloverPřed dnem

    You have crippling depression? Don't worry apple, carrot juicy will kill cancel. What?

  32. Jay Dabbelju

    Jay DabbeljuPřed dnem

    The fact that this was made with members of the gaming community makes it actually hilarious.

  33. Simon Juelg

    Simon JuelgPřed dnem

    I love how the satanic lady just had an Iron Maiden poster

  34. Drew Galipeau

    Drew GalipeauPřed dnem

    Holy shit that Gandalf is Taika Waititi

  35. Djo

    DjoPřed dnem

    He’s in smash now :/

  36. Armagedude

    ArmagedudePřed dnem

    lol the robot actualy reminded me to take my meds. thanks i guess.

  37. Matthew Turek

    Matthew TurekPřed dnem

    got an aarp magazine by mistake in the mail. On the back is an ad for the "WOW" computer. A 50 dollar tablet worth of hardware and a 90s atm interface.

  38. LVBBoi

    LVBBoiPřed dnem

    That mask is neither a cream or a system, it's a curse.

  39. Adrian Åslund

    Adrian ÅslundPřed dnem

    The premise for the Lord of the Flies was not supposed to sound like a good idea for reality show.

  40. Noneya Beeswax

    Noneya BeeswaxPřed dnem

    Jon pls stop making jokes about dying we love you

  41. Mikeal Diblangeo

    Mikeal DiblangeoPřed dnem

    man this one felt like good ol jontron

  42. Judea Dumont

    Judea DumontPřed dnem

    juice deez

  43. Keno Monson

    Keno MonsonPřed dnem

    Beat intro!!

  44. Hunter Hopkins

    Hunter HopkinsPřed dnem

    “Keep my pants white” *wears blue jeans

  45. daniel weston

    daniel westonPřed dnem


  46. GötzeLP

    GötzeLPPřed dnem

    This is how many great persons died...

  47. _pill_cereal_

    _pill_cereal_Před dnem

    He used his juice empire to cover up the fact that hes a cannibal

  48. Heil Perkon

    Heil PerkonPřed dnem

    Would you sync your channel with Odysee please?

  49. Russ

    RussPřed dnem

    Guilin is a place in China lol

  50. mllop aeet

    mllop aeetPřed dnem

    teas lose most of their Benefits if steeped at a higher temperature than what is recommended, this is the first person who has been legit here

  51. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. GonzoPřed dnem

    Face looks weird the way you shaved

  52. Nepu-Tech JPN

    Nepu-Tech JPNPřed dnem

    LOL staying at home raising kids and a loving family = Systemic Oppression Working every day 9 to 5 for a faceless corporation that doesn't care about you and dying alone = Freedom Isn't feminism great?! :D

  53. LVBBoi

    LVBBoiPřed dnem

    Wayne Brady really went from voicing an eplieptic squirrel in this to King Dice in The Cuphead Show.

  54. Bored

    BoredPřed dnem

    Jon we know you need money but you dont need to keep stuping to raid, move on. People have exposed them 100s of times. you wont get paid alot at this point. so just find another game man.

  55. Ryan Holmes

    Ryan HolmesPřed dnem

    Smoking a beer

  56. Yacob Baker

    Yacob BakerPřed dnem

    So many memes

  57. Falkuzrules

    FalkuzrulesPřed dnem

    That ending almost made me feel like this is a channel about videogames... nahhh, of course it's not!

  58. Keith czap

    Keith czapPřed dnem

    One of my friends gave me their Xbox 360 Kinect, so I got mine for 20$

  59. Colin GZ Network Plus

    Colin GZ Network PlusPřed dnem

    The best one being episode 1 racer

  60. Kevin prendiville

    Kevin prendivillePřed dnem

    6:30 Nice George Lucas reference lol

  61. monkeyman

    monkeymanPřed dnem

    Hi John, how are you doing?

  62. Ray Shinigami

    Ray ShinigamiPřed dnem


  63. Demaunix Animations

    Demaunix AnimationsPřed dnem

    David Letterman: We got his brother! JonTron: Hold my flex tape...

  64. Kris Kop

    Kris KopPřed dnem

    Why does he make a video every 10 months like what are you so busy doing guy


    GAME FOR FAMEPřed dnem

    No adult supervision Cameras everywhere

  66. NPC #49616392

    NPC #49616392Před dnem

    "Juicing" sounds like some sort of drug thing.

  67. Ray Shinigami

    Ray ShinigamiPřed dnem


  68. Pete Fury

    Pete FuryPřed dnem

    Phyto=plant in Greek. This hecker is a pseudo-intellectual genius

  69. Obvious demon thing

    Obvious demon thingPřed dnem

    RIP Beany. He will be missed

  70. Bladist1

    Bladist1Před dnem

    I am suspect I of this man’s claim that he drank 13 glasses of carrot juice every day for 74 years. According to Scrubs, his skin should be Simpsons yellow. And everyone knows Scrubs NEVER lies.

  71. Gideon Garratt

    Gideon GarrattPřed dnem

    what is the source for the image at 2:13? I need it for a school project

  72. Baron Whimsy

    Baron WhimsyPřed dnem

    I _cannot_ look at Jay without seeing the Devil from Hello My Name Is Reaper. :|

  73. IcePickAbortion

    IcePickAbortionPřed dnem

    No one talking about at 6:26 that it shows Jon loading a save state?

  74. SurrealJC

    SurrealJCPřed dnem

    To be fair... i do know someone who beat cancer by drinking tons of carrot and spinach juice every day. But they also used regular methods.

  75. Caleb Kettman

    Caleb KettmanPřed dnem

    Maybe the vampire repellent is psychic

  76. Ethan Sullivan

    Ethan SullivanPřed dnem

    Now I just want carrot juice or something. Kordich didn't really sell me on the curing cancer part but he can really sell people on juice, no wonder he got 300m dollars out of this.

  77. player smash

    player smashPřed dnem

    My mom likes it (she wanted me to let you know)

  78. Mark

    MarkPřed dnem

    Jon gives me back pain

  79. Luke_corp. TV

    Luke_corp. TVPřed dnem

    Use a strong magnet on the tag

  80. Mr. Olivares

    Mr. OlivaresPřed dnem

    God, that toe