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CRY MACHO - A Director's Vision
CRY MACHO - Official Trailer
Dune | Official Main Trailer
MALIGNANT - Official Trailer
  1. Manoel França

    Manoel FrançaPřed 23 minutami


  2. Ketashi 96

    Ketashi 96Před 24 minutami

    Gabriel is the son of Lord Voldomort

  3. AlphaCentauri24

    AlphaCentauri24Před 24 minutami

    Why are most scenes so dark? :-\

  4. Tyrone Zukaburg

    Tyrone ZukaburgPřed 24 minutami

    It’s been a year please release the 2nd trailer

  5. СВЭП

    СВЭПPřed 33 minutami

    It's seems to be new generation of matrix, in the end it is Architect. New version is young and programs are younger. So if this Morpheus-like is real Morpheus, it can mean that original Morpheus is a program. I always loved version that Zeon is also Matrix

  6. Kasimir B

    Kasimir BPřed 33 minutami

    Soulless, boring, insignificant.

  7. Kasimir B

    Kasimir BPřed 33 minutami

    Soulless, boring, insignificant.

  8. Yami Galo

    Yami GaloPřed 33 minutami

    😭😭😭linda cancion linda pelicula

  9. Kinky Avocado

    Kinky AvocadoPřed 34 minutami

    Neo: Am I crazy? Unknown: We don't use that word in here. me: Excommunicado ???

  10. Teerboyd

    TeerboydPřed 35 minutami

    0:30 Damn, Michael really has his father mannerisms down. Could’ve sworn that was Jimmy wagging his hand around

  11. Vasqu3z

    Vasqu3zPřed 43 minutami

    one of the most boring movies i've ever seen

  12. Brave Concepts

    Brave ConceptsPřed 43 minutami

    Dear shills and Villenuvians, I am sorry to disturb you but the Dune 1984 trailer BY ITSELF has more logic, structure, film making sense and "magic" than the entire 156 minutes of Villainuff's Dune. (2021) Just the phrase "he who controls the spice, controls the universe" sums it up. Just the warning of the Guild navigator to the Emperor sums it up. Even Fayd Rautha's menace sums it up. (Of course these are all missing in Villainuff's Dune) David Lynch had to cram the whole story into 1 SINGLE MOVIE... a 137 minute film... where Villainuff couldn't even bother to explain the basic setting, mayor players and background in 156 minutes of HALF of his version. Villeneuve DOES NOT CARE about Dune. He cares about photography and scenic landscapes. Villeneuve sells IMAX CANDY. He DOES NOT care about immersing a new audience into Dune's story. Villeneuve isn't worth the choam on his cappuccino. His version is worth an IMAX ticket but nothing will linger in your mind. It's a PG13 THEME PARK RIDE. Go enjoy it but leave your brains at home.

  13. 1t5705n1

    1t5705n1Před 44 minutami

    This is a movie I was not waiting for, because I couldn't see what else could be told here. Now, this trailer brings the hype to a whole new level.

  14. Antonio Tavanti

    Antonio TavantiPřed 45 minutami

    I really hope they haven't ruined one of the best characters in the novel: the Baron. His looks here didn't impress me (maybe not fat enough and too inhuman) and the voice (from what I'm hearing) doesn't really fit. It's like they tried to make him look like a monster villain, while he's actually one of the slyest political characters I've ever seen in a book. That said, I would totally tolerate that considering how good this adaptation seems to be.

  15. Mario Mikulek

    Mario MikulekPřed 53 minutami

    That moment when a trailer makes it into the Trending Videos

  16. Joey Salazar

    Joey SalazarPřed 53 minutami

    Theory: it's not neo. The robots killed John's dog.

  17. Jake Ethington

    Jake EthingtonPřed 54 minutami

    Where is Joey diaz

  18. speedy knight

    speedy knightPřed 54 minutami

    im just saying that batman wasnt made to kill

  19. Martin S

    Martin SPřed 54 minutami

    Time to follow the déjà vu curosity, choice and change cat along Sati's-sun-bathed yellow brick road down the infinite rabbit hole and through the raindrop mirror-screen-doorway to the green city where a lot of the inhabitants are feeling blue and those red shoes to take you 'home' to 'reality' might take some finding

  20. Krishna Sharma

    Krishna SharmaPřed 57 minutami

    This series just make me read for whole night and the movies create the characters in life, I never be gona tried by this 😭

  21. Lusy Nunez Luna

    Lusy Nunez LunaPřed 58 minutami

    I am so happy 😀 excited for new Matrix

  22. Joxicide127 Gaming

    Joxicide127 GamingPřed 58 minutami

    I keep coming back to this movie because I'm very excited as it looks and sounds like the dialogue of the first matrix movie that makes me laugh like "I feel crazy" "we dont use that here" or "You don't know me" that kind of dialogue with the way keanu talks always makes me laugh

  23. Norberto Milan

    Norberto MilanPřed hodinou

    They even got the newark riots in this movie

  24. Jaivardhan Pal

    Jaivardhan PalPřed hodinou

    just let the agents kill his dog, rest is extinction......

  25. Pascal Mohtaschem

    Pascal MohtaschemPřed hodinou

    Awesome film, just came back from watching it. Please greenlight the sequel immediately.

  26. Jamie Liss

    Jamie LissPřed hodinou

    I'm at the movies Main Street Movies 5 in Newark De. It starts in 16 minutes

  27. Sergey M

    Sergey MPřed hodinou

    0:53 You're supposed to wipe out his memory, not make him relive it.

  28. Meherab Sharif

    Meherab SharifPřed hodinou

    #RestoreTheSnyderCut plzzz

  29. B L

    B LPřed hodinou

    1:15 Benjamin Clementine! 😱❤️

  30. LuxKadafi

    LuxKadafiPřed hodinou

    cant wait for part 2

  31. Meherab Sharif

    Meherab SharifPřed hodinou


  32. N a h e l

    N a h e lPřed hodinou

    Wait, the film is not currently available in theaters in the US ? Just came back from the cinema (France), this is a masterpiece omg !!!

  33. Sg UFC

    Sg UFCPřed hodinou

    Can’t wait for the batman trailer 2 in 3 weeks 🤤

  34. Saad alosime

    Saad alosimePřed hodinou

    How can I sleep after watching this trailer

  35. Freddy Pedraza

    Freddy PedrazaPřed hodinou

    I was going to complain about how he depicted Mexico and Texas in cry macho, but I think it was suppose to be small town old west story, no sense in putting Dallas or Mexico City if it's a small town story So beautiful how he fell in love with Marta

  36. Eric

    EricPřed hodinou

    Clint is without a doubt a legend, but his performance in this movie made it obvious he should have retired a while back. He looks and moves like a 91 year old, maybe even older.

  37. ArkhamFanatic

    ArkhamFanaticPřed hodinou

    Don’t get me wrong the trailers great, but I feel like it’s overrated as people are calling it “one of the best trailers ever” which I completely disagree with

  38. 210raab 210raab

    210raab 210raabPřed hodinou

    Every time 91 is mentioned, take a shot...🥃

  39. Christopher Peterson

    Christopher PetersonPřed hodinou

    "Long Live the Fighters!"

  40. Liam

    LiamPřed hodinou

    as a diehard dune fan i cannot even explain how hyped i am for this

  41. The Rogue

    The RoguePřed hodinou

    Only movie that makes sense right now. The Matrix is about to be… resurrected. Hold on to your butts my friends.

  42. Ej Pichay

    Ej PichayPřed hodinou

    Neil patrick? Count me in

  43. jigyasa gurditta

    jigyasa gurdittaPřed hodinou

    here after alakh's sir speech🙋‍♀️

  44. Dre Soto

    Dre SotoPřed hodinou

    looks...horrible. wtf dudes 91

  45. nwo

    nwo Před hodinou

    is this rated R?

  46. Barn Y

    Barn YPřed hodinou

    Please be amazing. Please. PLEASE.

  47. Stephen Gill

    Stephen GillPřed hodinou

    "When you're young you have all the answers, but when you get older you realize you don't." I think Clint is redeeming himself through his last three films. The redemption theme I think is about him and his real life. That is what happens when you get older. Reflection. In the film he say's "I can't cure old". This film had all the redeeming qualities of David Lynch's 1999 fim The Straight Story. Another masterpiece of redemption.

  48. ANDROVERSE 666

    ANDROVERSE 666Před hodinou

    Just finished watching the trilogy of this.. 👍

  49. Saagar Didwani

    Saagar DidwaniPřed hodinou

    Can't wait

  50. Craig Bphone

    Craig BphonePřed hodinou


  51. Advocate Varun Rathi

    Advocate Varun RathiPřed hodinou


  52. Damian Wayne

    Damian WaynePřed hodinou

    We want solo movie of night owl

  53. Viviana G

    Viviana GPřed hodinou

    One of my favourite movies 🙌

  54. Retro Tommy

    Retro TommyPřed hodinou

    I can’t wait.

  55. Isaiah DeLosSantos

    Isaiah DeLosSantosPřed 2 hodinami

    7:05 Best part

  56. Aleksandr Alekseev

    Aleksandr AlekseevPřed 2 hodinami

    The movie theaters are built for. No level of home cinema setup will do enough justice to the immersive score and visuals crafted into this movie. Start filming the sequel already, please.

  57. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle DazzlePřed 2 hodinami

    Idk how many times i've seen this trailer, but it keeps giving me chills

  58. Don Juan

    Don JuanPřed 2 hodinami

    So Neo not only forgot the matrix but also... forgot how to act Cool. I bet it's going to awesome. Like you mum!!

  59. L M

    L MPřed 2 hodinami

    is this Star war ? i'm not fan, otherwise gimme anything

  60. elle j

    elle jPřed 2 hodinami

    this looks so good please im excited